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---Your shoes are untied.
---, a great source for music, books, clothing, and other gifts, has a free shipping coupon code on orders over $25, code is 248600AN and expires 12/14/06.
** This is "news" because it would be a great combo when used along with the gift ideas for Bailey page.**
---Isuzu Gemini Promo video from the '80s

Sweet, not just high end cars like Volvos and Saabs are absolutely awesome!
---Photography tips article added. Inspired by my recent photo hunting trip to San Francisco. I've included night photo tips, misc. tips, and camera purchase tips.
---Starburst Commercial
No affiliation with Starburst, but the commercial rocks.

---You've gotta be kidding me...
$800 case, on Xoxide, sure it's customized and one of a kind, and sure it's sweet looking, but $800? Craziness. Though if someone were to click through my website and buy that thing...I'd get a pretty sweet commission.
--New Deal added on Deals page, how to get a gaming PC for about $500.
---Liberty Mutual Ad
I am in no way affiliated with Liberty Mutual, but this commercial is awesome!

---Saab Suite

I figured it would be a good idea to represent the other Scandinavian car company, I present to you...the Saab Suite!
---Volvo Snow Race

Very cool video, an old guy driving a Volvo 240 sedan, very similar to my Wagon, encounters three Volvo 740 sedans racing through the snow. Feeling adventurous, the crazy old guy decides to follow the Swedish nutcases through the powder. If you're a fan of drifting, rally races, Volvos, the 80s, or insanity, you'll love this video! Watch for my review of the Volvo 240 Wagon sometime in the future.
---German Coast Guard

---New Photo album celebrating 4th of July finally added. View here.
---I have added a Coupons/Deals page to put good deals and coupons on, so I dont keep adding them to this home page...
8/17/06 $1.99 SHIPPING* on any order over $19.99, just enter Secret Savings Code SHIPCHEAP in the red promotional code field during checkout – economy ground shipping option will be set to $1.99
---Anyone ever hear of Google Checkout? They have some $10 off $30 coupon codes to use along with it. Typicallyrandom affiliate
Sierra Trading Post has coupon code: wdgb8 to be used with Google checkout. Maybe it can be combined with the Free Shipping coupon.
---Johnny5 has a new BF2 Server, check it out:

---So Music Christian and Books Christian have this "Launch Event" promo thing going, where they throw in a random goodie with your check it out just in case there's something you want. Expired
---I gotta start putting more content on this site...
---Mouse Tester:
click and hold on the S. Then drag the "S" toward the "e." If it doesn't work, you might want to clean your mouse.
-----Stop messing around and do something productive
---Got a coupon for Sierra Trading post in my inbox, I guess I'm supposed to share to entice someone to buy their stuff. The store is good, as are the prices.
Coupon 468x60
---Happy birthday to me!

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